Tips & Tricks: How To Draw Winged Eyeliner With A Card

DSC_0366Drawing a perfect winged eyeline isn’t easy at all. The most perfect ones have been drawn over and over again. Today I’m showing you two simple steps to make it less hard and less fuzzy with black substance all over your eyelid. Continue reading

Tips & Tricks: How To Become A Better Blogger PART II

009cdd480bf3b128c830f57429aeeb63Last week I published PART I of my ultramini series about how to become a better blogger. This time I’m also going to show you great tips & tricks. Continue reading

Tips & Tricks: How To Become A Better Blogger PART I

DSC_1388Yesterday I got to attend the HEMA Blog Academy Event. Together with a thousand (!) other (aspiring) bloggers we were getting interesting masterclasses from topbloggers, whereunder Yara Michels from Chapter Friday. See recently won the Grammy of the bloggingworld, the Bloglovin’ Newcomer Of The Year Award. She is truely a big inspiration to me. Continue reading

Lifestyle: Useful Apps For Instagram


Discovered and used some seriously useful IG apps the last few days. I felt inspired (and kind of obliged) to share these handy tools that could be easily implemented in your online toolkit. Continue reading

Tips & Tricks: How To Spot Real Leather

DSC_0447Mention this: you are in a store and the friendly shop assistent reassures you the bag you are about to buy is genuine leather. You’re not sure, but you’ll trust her on her big blue eyes and take her for her word. After a few times of strolling around with it, creases occure and the first fabric comes blistering off. Okay, she fooled you. Continue reading