Tips & Tricks: How To Become A Better Blogger PART I

DSC_1388Yesterday I got to attend the HEMA Blog Academy Event. Together with a thousand (!) other (aspiring) bloggers we were getting interesting masterclasses from topbloggers, whereunder Yara Michels from Chapter Friday. See recently won the Grammy of the bloggingworld, the Bloglovin’ Newcomer Of The Year Award. She is truely a big inspiration to me. We also got tips & tricks from Fashiolista Agency and other bloggers like Cotton and Cream, Femkeido, Ceetje and Jan Marcel. I want to split this article into two parts. This one is PART I of the blogging secrets I want to share with you. Because why keep them all for myself? I think it is actually nice you can benefit from them aswell. Keep posted and coming back to my blog for PART II πŸ˜‰

Blogging History

First a little blogging history, because that’s where it all began after all. And that is why you and I are blogging right now. In 2005/2006 the first blogs appeared on the web. Scandinavia was the leading market in this one. And still, 80% of the girls in Scandinavia have some sort of blog. Which is like a really huge amount, right? In 2007 more people were starting to get familiar with blogging. Blogs were popping up like daisies, after that the second generation of bloggers like Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad emerged.

Tips & Tricks

  • Your readers would like to identify themselves with what you put into your blog. Make sure people want to get to know you
  • It is important to be authentic, find your niche, rely on your own qualities and to be distinctive
  • Keep true to your own style. Whether that is writing, clothing style or way of photographing. That way people recognize you by your signature style
  • Make sure your blog lay-out is clean and not too crowded. Messy and difficult pages to navigate are a buzzkill.
  • You can really up your game by spending money on a professional digital single reflex camera. The visual aspect of a blog is really important. People nowadays are visually adjusted
  • Be consequent in the amount of articles you are posting. That way readers can rely on you. So don’t post one week three times and the other week one time and then you are absent for three weeks. Works confusing
  • Also be consequent when it comes to your style. I don’t mean your clothing style, but your blogstyle. IfΒ  you are a beautyblogger, try to stick with it. That doesn’t mean you can’t write about other things you love, but always try to make a connection with beauty if you do want to write about something else. For example: how to look beautiful (make-up wise) after a work-out? That’s sport and beauty!

Picture courtesy of W in Wonderland – Yara Michels and Wilmke


11 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: How To Become A Better Blogger PART I

  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing advice! =) I am always looking to improve my blog and I think this is helpful for those starting out and as a reminder for a seasoned blogger. I love your blog, btw!! ❀


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