Quote: Let’s Talk

9faefc8d0949126d4f31471a4baddb6fThe quote of this week is:

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Discussion: Rich Parents Make Everything Easier

31256c0bd243aa72216ce704d319db08Maybe you read the title and thought about what this article would be about? Well Kendall Jenner or Kendall as from now was the inspiration for this topic. During New York fashion week colleague models of Kendall teased and bullied her Continue reading

Outfit: Sunday On Trend


A new Sunday On trend is live! This time it’s Normcore that inspired me for this Autumn/Winter season. A few posts back I already talked about Normcore and its meaning. It is downdressing, taking outstanding chic outfits or items back to normal.

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Discussion: Moschino’s Barbie & McDonalds

I would like to discuss Moschino’s latest runway collections, which I suppose you’ve all seen by now? Not? Okay, what do Spongebob Square Pants, McDonalds, Cheetos, Kellog’s and Barbie have in common? Continue reading

Outfit: TGIF Baby

DSC_1497TGIF! TGIF! It is almost weekend again and I’m already enjoying it lots. The weather is real nice and we shot great outfit pictures for today’s post. I’m loving every moment of blogging and yesterday was such a special day to me. Continue reading