Outfit: American Dream

DSC_0285A short post from me today. I’m very busy working this week, so I don’t have a lot of time for blogging unfortunately. We shot this ensemble already last week, so I had it in stock in case of busy days. Continue reading

Sunday On Trend: The Coat

DSC_0098This time the Coat is the prime subject for this Sunday On Trend. Coats keep you warm and cozy, can make or break an outfit, and is the first thing people see when it is freezing outside (suggesting you wear a coat). Continue reading

Sunday On Trend: The Mini Skirt

DSC_1406It’s Sunday and you know what that means. A new Sunday On Trend! Today I want to show you another trend I love, but could be tricky if used wrongly. I am talking about the miniskirt. The mini skirt is widely associated by Mary Quant in the early 60’s. Continue reading

Tips & Tricks: Fee Scheme For Business Inquiries

8d59e1d704487358c37d94c091772e83The last few weeks I have been blogging about what to do when businesses reach out to you to work together (for free) and how to deal with business proposals. I promised to write an article about a fee scheme and timetable. Which gives you some sort of grip when you DO get an inquiry worth your time considering. Continue reading

Outfit: Sunday On Trend

DSC_1356Sunday On Trend, a brand new fashionfeed I’m going to bring you every Sunday. In this feed I will show you the biggest fall trends together with were I’ve seen it (on the runway), who wore it (celebrities) and how I make it my own. Every outfit stars one key piece incorporated into an outfitpost. Continue reading