Mothersday Gifts For Every Budget


Gifts Under €10

  1. Herbes in bags €2,00 a piece 
  2. Essie Nailpolish ‘Watermelon’ €7,99
  3. Dille en Kamille Biologic Rooibos Tea, Apple & Cinnamon €2,95
  4. Karlie’s Kookies Blueberry and Cream Cookie Tin (6 Cookies) €8,70 
  5. Bershka Earrings €9,99

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Blogging Birthday: Two Months W in Wonderland


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Happy birthday to my beloved fashion & lifestyle blog W in Wonderland! Not a milestone of one year blogging yet, but two months it is. And I feel like celebrating it, so I’m just going to do that. Every minute of blogging feels like more minutes of joy and happiness. I can combine both my passion and my profession in blogging. The most loveable thing about it is seeing other people enjoy my ramblings. I get so much sweet comments on my posts, and I’m always trying to reply to them.

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Sugarchallenge #Day22 Eureka!


Finally the pieces of the puzzle begins to fall into place for me. I better understand now how my body and brain react on eating sugar. When I eat sugar my body starts to crave for more, every time just a little bit more. Sugar works the same as nicotine, drugs, alcohol or cafeïne,  it’s an addiction and you need to feed it to keep it quiet, at the background.
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