Lifestyle: Useful Apps For Instagram


Discovered and used some seriously useful IG apps the last few days. I felt inspired (and kind of obliged) to share these handy tools that could be easily implemented in your online toolkit. Of course I would like to be introduced to more useful apps, so if you have to add more to my list, be my guest! Leave a comment and I will definitely check them out. Thanks!

Frustrated about how to track who’s following you on IG and who unfollowed you? Unfollowgram has more than 1 million users and is super easy in use. Just log in with IG on the Unfollowgram site and get started. You can track who you are following, who is following you, who unfollowed you and your fans (they follow you but you don’t follow them).

For my Instagram overview post a few days back I wanted to save my IG pics, but when I put my browser on it and right-clicked I didn’t get the option that said ‘Save As’. How I still managed to save them? By using Instagrabbr. The service is recommended by Instagram itself. Just fill in your IG username, and get started. IG doesn’t allow you to save your own pictures, which is kind of annoying when you are logged in to your own account. But this service makes it also easy to save other people’s pics. Making a Pinterestboard will become super easy now.

One Insta hack and you’ve lost all of your followers and pictures made with blood, sweat and tears. Probably one’s worst nightmare. To make sure not everything gets lost, there is Instarchive. This service makes sure you have a back-up of all of your pictures. Saving will happen with a ZIP-file download.

Want to hold track of your IG analytics? This service provides all the statistics you want for your brand on Insta. Like how many likes per picture, who liked it, who commented, et cetera. Just sign in with your account and get statistical.

Hover over a pic you like and the service will display any information about it; like which filter was used, how many likes, comments, et cetera. The site is currently out of use (server fault displayed), but hopefully it will get online again soon.



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