Outfit: Flower Power Pants

DSC_0978I’m dying to let you see this amazing pants I got at the Zara sale. This could seriously be my first white pant I ever bought. I’m not really a white pants- kinda girl. With white pants a stain will never be far away. And because I have a light skintone I didn’t think white colors would flatter me. Continue reading

Spam Your Blog Day

qor8bv1s2seqh6ucsjca_teaI never did a spam your blog article before, but I saw lots of bloggers do it. So why not do it myself? It’s mainly to get to know eachother a bit better and also to discover new awesome blogs. So I think the intention of this post is pretty clear: just spam your blog, tell me something about your blog in a few sentences and if you like you can add your Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram and Facebook adress. Continue reading

Discussion: Will Traditional Craftmanship Last In Fashion?

Laine_Teintures_naturellesIn my last discussion I talked about high-tech in fashion. Of course there will always be a countermovement of people who like to go back to basics. That’s no difference when it comes to technology on one hand and traditional craftmanship on the other hand. Continue reading

How To Soothe Your Skin After Sunburn

12hj3YJLast time I posted an article about how to protect yourself against the sun. I talked amongst others about the risks of sunburn and ways to protect yourself from burning. Of course a follow-up is at it’s place. Even though you rubbed yourself with sunblock factor 30 and stayed under the shades in the early afternoon, there is a chance you still get sunburned or redness caused by the sun. Continue reading

Outfit: Home Is Where The Heart Is

DSC_0824Was already a while ago since I visited my parents. So I decided to take these two days off and leave my laptop at home. Had my camera with me though, so I could shoot some pics in my parents’ garden. I always shoot in RAW (type of file), which really makes a great difference when it comes to the quality of the pictures. Unfortunately the tablet and iPad weren’t able to open this type of file (only .jpg for example). That’s why I didn’t post anything for two days (sorry!). Yesterday I told you something more about me as a person and today my outfit of Tuesday is up. Continue reading