Tips & Tricks: How To Become A Better Blogger PART II

009cdd480bf3b128c830f57429aeeb63Last week I published PART I of my ultramini series about how to become a better blogger. This time I’m also going to show you great tips & tricks. I learned these during a blogging academy from topblogger Yara Michels from Chapter Friday, who recently won The Newcomer Of The Year Bloglovin’ Award. I could keep these tips to myself, but I decided to not do so. I hope you benefit from them aswell.

Key to Success

Yara pointed out that there are many factors that can lead to success. Key words are: talent, clear vision, clear strategy, the right time, business instinct, rolemodels, tone of voice, luck, the right people, network, et cetera.


To become a success as a blogger you need to be different, unique and authentic. And so does your blog need to be. You need to dare to be different and to show your unique self. According to Yara authenticity exists out of three key words, namely: passion, expertise and personality. You need to have a passion for what you are doing, you need to be unique in what you are doing and have some sort of expertise in what you are doing (know more than your readers).

Know your target

You have to have some sort of theme for your blog. You can establish that by knowing who you are writing for, or who you want to be writing for. Frame your target group, which makes it easier for you to write your articles and also for advertisers to find you.


If you blog, then tell your readers a story, not just a bunch of information packed together. Let your readers be part of your story by asking them questions for example. So write indirect, informal, with passion and emotion, write like you would’ve told your best friend, write like a journal. Try to keep the text vivid and bubbly.

Be Consistent

Not only you have to be consistent when it comes to posting regularly, but consistency also counts for your photography. Few tips:

  • Vary with locations, angles, lighting et cetera;
  • Stick to your signature style of photography and editing;
  • When your blog gets bigger, look for a professional editor;
  • Be consistent when it comes to the format of your pictures.

When to Post?

Yara told us that she had read some studies that showed that Thursday is the best posting day. Between 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 16:00 and 22:00 hours are the best times to post. Those are the hours people start to work, have breaks, lunch and check social media before bedtime.

If you have more questions about something in this article or want to know more about a topic/subject, please let me know! I can make a follow-up article about it.

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5 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: How To Become A Better Blogger PART II

  1. Ik heb ook heel veel aan journalistiek (storytelling o.a.) gehad. Waar ik zelf vaak naar kijk zijn mijn statistieken zodat ik mijn doelgroep beter leer kennen. Wanneer lezen ze de artikelen en welke artikelen worden het meest gelezen etc.


    • Gebruik jij ook Google analytics of een ander programma? Ik moet dat nog wat uitvogelen. De statistieken van WordPress zijn best oké, maar ik wil wat meer info hebben 😉


      • Installeer Jetpack 😉 Dan heb je dezelfde statistieken als op je oude wordpress blog. En ja ik heb wel Google analytics maar gebruik het weinig…

        Liked by 1 person

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