About W


W in Wonderland by Wilmke Boersma is a blog about lifestyle and fashion.

Wilmke Boersma | 23 years old | The Netherlands | Zwolle | Graduated journalist | Part time barista @ Julia’s | Fashion blogger | Loves; sneakers, running, fashion, writing, magazines and a sucker for television series | My style; Boyish, but clean with some funky edgy details.

What you should know:

  • I try to post daily. Now and then, I’m on a blogging day-off
  • I’m very eager to make this blogging project a huge success
  • My motto: Work Hard, Play Hard
  • I read every comment and always try to answer questions or compliments
  • This blog is more than only fashion and clothes. I’d like to cover more facets of life.
  • Ultimate goal: creating an online lifestyle platform for all sassy, classy and trashy women. Every kind counts.
  • Yes, I like to laugh and make people laugh about me, not at me 😉
  • Regarding me? What you see is what you get

For further inquiries contact me: wilmke8boersma@hotmail.com.

7 thoughts on “About W

    • Ha ha!! Bad girl 😛 Leuk dat je me hebt gevonden zeg. Ik zat inderdaad naast jou, wat toevallig! Nou ik zie dat jij in ieder geval al goed bezig bent, want jij hebt je boekrecensies als niche. Stoer hoor, niet veel jongeren lezen nog papieren boeken. Tenminste dat denk ik. Ik wel, ik ben er gek op! Was gaaf he vandaag?


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