Tips & Tricks: How To Draw Winged Eyeliner With A Card

DSC_0366Drawing a perfect winged eyeline isn’t easy at all. The most perfect ones have been drawn over and over again. Today I’m showing you two simple steps to make it less hard and less fuzzy with black substance all over your eyelid. Continue reading

WIN: Surprise Giveaway

DSC_1279EXPIRED I thought it was time again to do a giveaway. My last one was already a while ago, so I figured it would be nice to surprise you with a new goodie. Only a couple of weeks left now until the launch of my new website/lay-out. This giveaway is some sort of inbetweener from this website to the new and improved one. I hope you like it! Continue reading

Beauty: Beautiful Like An Empress

DSC_1158A beauty post on this beautiful sunday. A bit different from what you’ve seen from me lately, but I thought this one was well worth it. I recently won a jaderoller at a giveaway on Red Reiding Hood. This beauty tool ┬áis something Chinese empresses used in ancient times to maintain youthfulness. Continue reading