Lifestyle: One Lovely Blog Award


Thanks Rachel Lauren from Rachel Lauren Elizabeth for the nomination of the One Lovely Blog Award. I didn’t got any of these yet, so I’m happy I do now. I got a bunch of Liebster Awards, but this one is new for me. So fun!
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Lifestyle: Useful Apps For Instagram


Discovered and used some seriously useful IG apps the last few days. I felt inspired (and kind of obliged) to share these handy tools that could be easily implemented in your online toolkit. Continue reading

Lifestyle: Happy Tag

DSC_1209I got nominated by the lovely Anouk Vriezen from to do the Happy Tag. Positivity should be widely spread, so I’m happy to do so. Here we go: 6 questions about happiness and after that I will nominate 5 bloggers aswell. The questions just remain the same, so no hassle of making new questions yourself. If you didn’t get nominated by me (no offence!), but you really would like to do this tag, just leave a comment and I will gladly nominate you too.  Continue reading

How To Soothe Your Skin After Sunburn

12hj3YJLast time I posted an article about how to protect yourself against the sun. I talked amongst others about the risks of sunburn and ways to protect yourself from burning. Of course a follow-up is at it’s place. Even though you rubbed yourself with sunblock factor 30 and stayed under the shades in the early afternoon, there is a chance you still get sunburned or redness caused by the sun. Continue reading

How To Properly Protect Yourself From The Sun

ikZyw45kT4m16vHkHe7u_9647713235_29ce0305d2_oMost of us love flaunting our -obtained through blood, sweat and tears- toned bikinibodies during summertime. So when the sun is shining, we all stroll around the beach, take a dive into the sea (or pool) and settle ourselves on a bath towel, sunbathing. Continue reading