Discussion: Rich Parents Make Everything Easier

31256c0bd243aa72216ce704d319db08Maybe you read the title and thought about what this article would be about? Well Kendall Jenner or Kendall as from now was the inspiration for this topic. During New York fashion week colleague models of Kendall teased and bullied her because they believe she doesn’t deserve to be here (the modelling business). They worked so hard to be on the runway, she (Kendall) didn’t earn her spot on the catwalk. Only because of her last name she’s been shut out. So being a Jenner/Kardashian means you get everything in life on a silver platter according to her jealous frenemies.

What do you think? Do famous/rich parents make life easier for their kids? Kendall sees it as if her famous background is backfiring on her. She doesn’t even want to be known anymore as a Jenner, but just for her surname. In my opinion kids of parents in influental places, have a lot more opportunities to take. Most of the time the right connections are already available, and so is the money.


The downside is that people believe you didn’t work for it, didn’t spend blood, sweat and tears to get to the top. But is that always true? I mean Kendall has the looks, the right measurements, the right height and a great body. I think she would’ve made it as a model anyways, with or without the Jenners/Kardashians involved.

Image found on Pinterest via elle.com



4 thoughts on “Discussion: Rich Parents Make Everything Easier

  1. I was just thinking the other day about this same issue and i thought that kendall was so overrated. I do believe she’s talked about so often because of her famous background (that is Kardashians not even Jenner)


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