Sunday On Trend: The Coat

DSC_0098This time the Coat is the prime subject for this Sunday On Trend. Coats keep you warm and cozy, can make or break an outfit, and is the first thing people see when it is freezing outside (suggesting you wear a coat). Continue reading

Outfit: TGIF Baby

DSC_1497TGIF! TGIF! It is almost weekend again and I’m already enjoying it lots. The weather is real nice and we shot great outfit pictures for today’s post. I’m loving every moment of blogging and yesterday was such a special day to me. Continue reading

Outfit: Underground Biker Girl

DSC_1316Outfitpost! Found an awesome spot with this dark underground feeling to it. There are going to be shot many more outfits over there, so I hope you’ll enjoy it. Let me know what you think of my black biker girl style. I kinda fit right into the place, huh? How was your day guys?

Continue reading

Outfit: Golden Oceans

DSC_0651Isn’t this background beautiful? I found this spot a while ago and wanted to shoot an outfitpost over there ever since. But it took me surprisingly quite a while to actually comeĀ  up with this post. Here it is, finally. Maybe minimalist bloggers would shoot a black and white outfit on a parkinglot or with an industrial area as their background, but I love to play with contrasts. Continue reading