Discussion: Rich Parents Make Everything Easier

31256c0bd243aa72216ce704d319db08Maybe you read the title and thought about what this article would be about? Well Kendall Jenner or Kendall as from now was the inspiration for this topic. During New York fashion week colleague models of Kendall teased and bullied her Continue reading

Tips & Tricks: How To Deal With Business Proposals

e9ae536163070d1ffee60d002d6f916cIt’s Tuesday, which means I’m going to reveal what my response was to the business proposal I talked about in last Tuesday’s Discussion: Businessess That Take Advantage Of Bloggers. If you read the article you might thought of what you would do if you were me. I’m just gonna cut to the chase: Continue reading

Discussion: Businesses That Take Advantage Of Bloggers

DSC_0026I recently received a few business proposals of companies or websites that wanted something from me as a blogger. I think we all get to that point once were companies reach out to you and are offering some sort of collaboration. But do they all have your best interest? I like to discuss this matter a bit further, and I would appreciate it to hear what you have to say about it. Continue reading

Fashion: Explanation Of Funky Offish & New 60’s Mod


Maybe you already heard about the terms Funky Offish and New 60’s Mod? Two new terms added to the ungoing naming of fashiontrends, like the well-known minimalism style we see a lot on fashionbloggers. Continue reading