Outfit: Pink Panther

DSC_1075Quick post today, cause my dinner is awaiting me. Courgette pie with basil, parsley, feta, cheese, coconut oil, baking flour and eggs. Together one hell of a delicious pastry. Continue reading


Outfit: Monkey Town

DSC_0989A quick post from me today. I’m heading to Primark with my boyfriend this afternoon, so I need to hurry up a bit. It’s summer break in the Netherlands so it will probably be madness around Primark. Continue reading

Outfit: Home Is Where The Heart Is

DSC_0824Was already a while ago since I visited my parents. So I decided to take these two days off and leave my laptop at home. Had my camera with me though, so I could shoot some pics in my parents’ garden. I always shoot in RAW (type of file), which really makes a great difference when it comes to the quality of the pictures. Unfortunately the tablet and iPad weren’t able to open this type of file (only .jpg for example). That’s why I didn’t post anything for two days (sorry!). Yesterday I told you something more about me as a person and today my outfit of Tuesday is up. Continue reading

Outfit: Skorts Make The Shorts


Wow it is bloody freakin’ hot outside! Yesterday the temperature already tapped the 30 degrees, but today the temperature is really going sky high. I’m carrying handkerchiefs with me all the time, because I’m sweating a lot and I don’t want to run around with a moustache of sweat. Shot this outfitpost real quick before crawling back to the cooling bliss of the sunshades. How do you brace yourself or celebrate (against) the sun? Have a nice and sunny afternoon y’all!

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Outfit: All Black Army

DSC_0741These colorful graffiti backgrounds turn out to be some sort of hallmark for my outfitposts. I’m more and more getting to like shooting my outfits at these streetstyle sites. It gives me, my outfits and my blog kind of an urban feel, which suits me I think. So maybe I should make this a regular and get people to know me because of those graffiti backgrounds. Got a lot of positive comments on my last outfitpost plus site. What do you think?

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