Outfit: Golden Oceans

DSC_0651Isn’t this background beautiful? I found this spot a while ago and wanted to shoot an outfitpost over there ever since. But it took me surprisingly quite a while to actually comeย  up with this post. Here it is, finally. Maybe minimalist bloggers would shoot a black and white outfit on a parkinglot or with an industrial area as their background, but I love to play with contrasts. In fact, I like a clash between my outfits and backgrounds. I don’t want my outfit (nor myself) to blend into the surrounding, I want it to stand out. What do you think of my outfit or the background? Do you love colorful backgrounds as much as I do?


Dress Lofty Manner | Heels Sacha | Purse AntiChic |



12 thoughts on “Outfit: Golden Oceans

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