Lifestyle: Happy Tag

DSC_1209I got nominated by the lovely Anouk Vriezen from to do the Happy Tag. Positivity should be widely spread, so I’m happy to do so. Here we go: 6 questions about happiness and after that I will nominate 5 bloggers aswell. The questions just remain the same, so no hassle of making new questions yourself. If you didn’t get nominated by me (no offence!), but you really would like to do this tag, just leave a comment and I will gladly nominate you too.  Continue reading


Spam Your Blog Day

qor8bv1s2seqh6ucsjca_teaI never did a spam your blog article before, but I saw lots of bloggers do it. So why not do it myself? It’s mainly to get to know eachother a bit better and also to discover new awesome blogs. So I think the intention of this post is pretty clear: just spam your blog, tell me something about your blog in a few sentences and if you like you can add your Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram and Facebook adress. Continue reading