Tips & Tricks: Blogging Niche and How To Find It


Lately I have been thinking a lot about what it is about my blog that makes people coming back to it. To be honest, and I think a lot of you can relate, blogging is nothing special anymore nowadays. Continue reading


Discussion: What Qualifies A Top Fashionblogger?

219b52f1a0ce57ef5e2a2ad05e9ec788I think every blogger has some sort of opinion about this discussion topic. What qualifies a top fashionblogger is what I want to talk about today. Some say you have to have 10.000 hours of practice before you can outshine in what you are striving for.

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Wanted: A Helping Hand


I’m planning on launching my own domain plus new blog lay-out, design and logo. I also have lots of exciting plans in mind for my blog. Ideas on how to make my blog really stand out of everyone else’s. How am I going to accomplish that? By giving you unique blogposts, topics and categories I don’t see a lot and a more professional looking blog.

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Blogging Birthday: Two Months W in Wonderland


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Happy birthday to my beloved fashion & lifestyle blog W in Wonderland! Not a milestone of one year blogging yet, but two months it is. And I feel like celebrating it, so I’m just going to do that. Every minute of blogging feels like more minutes of joy and happiness. I can combine both my passion and my profession in blogging. The most loveable thing about it is seeing other people enjoy my ramblings. I get so much sweet comments on my posts, and I’m always trying to reply to them.

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