The Quote: Let’s talk


Introducing something new: The Quote. Every week I post one distinguishing quote that has to do with fashion. I’ll give my opinion on every quote, and I would like to know yours too. I’m kicking off with this quote I mucho agree on:


I think it is fair to say that I’ve been raised by a true feminist, namely my mom. Not in a sense of hairy armpits, no make-up or a bra, quite the opposite as we speak. When she was young she would cut her skirts and shorten them till they looked like Mary Quants mini-skirts. She wasn’t allowed to wear such a thing to school, but when out she changed clothes.

She learned me that no man can decide how you should look, think or act. My mom dressed the way she wanted, cut her hair in a pixie if she fancied and always told my father that he just had to suck it up. Luckily my dad is a tough cookie and pretty understanding and open-minded.

Pixie Cut

This quote of Betsey Johnson should be leading in every womans way of thinking. I hate the fact that women are called gay, boyish or ugly when they cut their hair into a pixie (like Miley Cyrus). Damn Miley looks hot with short hair, and what to think of Emma Watsons pixie? Often men forget the beauty of one’s face when women decide to chop off long hair.

Luckily my boyfriend thought I looked stunning with ultrashort hair like Miley. He could see through stereotypical ideas on how a woman should look like. The same goes for how a woman should be dressing. How do you feel about this topic? Vive la Birkenstock, boyfriend jeans and sneakers?


6 thoughts on “The Quote: Let’s talk

  1. Yayyy…any short hairstyle rocks according to me. I too sported a really short boy-cut around a year ago and everyone I know loved it! I grew it out because I like trying new hairstyles but once I’m tired of growing my hair, I’m going right back and chopping it off 😀

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