How To Properly Protect Yourself From The Sun

ikZyw45kT4m16vHkHe7u_9647713235_29ce0305d2_oMost of us love flaunting our -obtained through blood, sweat and tears- toned bikinibodies during summertime. So when the sun is shining, we all stroll around the beach, take a dive into the sea (or pool) and settle ourselves on a bath towel, sunbathing. Continue reading

Outfit: Skorts Make The Shorts


Wow it is bloody freakin’ hot outside! Yesterday the temperature already tapped the 30 degrees, but today the temperature is really going sky high. I’m carrying handkerchiefs with me all the time, because I’m sweating a lot and I don’t want to run around with a moustache of sweat. Shot this outfitpost real quick before crawling back to the cooling bliss of the sunshades. How do you brace yourself or celebrate (against) the sun? Have a nice and sunny afternoon y’all!

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Recipe: Rhubarb Pastry Without Sugar!


Of course we all want to be ready for summer, especially when it comes to your body. Maybe it’s not always easy to hold onto your tough regime of working-out, eating healthy and a strict skincare routine. Sometimes eating healthy leads to withstanding sweetness. Once in a while something ‘less healthy’ isn’t such a crime. Continue reading