Tips & Tricks: How To Draw Winged Eyeliner With A Card

DSC_0366Drawing a perfect winged eyeline isn’t easy at all. The most perfect ones have been drawn over and over again. Today I’m showing you two simple steps to make it less hard and less fuzzy with black substance all over your eyelid. You only need eyeliner and a paper card (like a businesscard). I explained it in a few steps below, easier than this it doesn’t get.


DSC_0315If you don’t have a steady hand, placing small dots on the upper rimlash will do the trick. Just place dots no bigger than the line you want to be visible. Place them in a way you can connect them afterwards. Et voila! An eyeline has been made.



DSC_0339Get your businesscard ready and place it in the corner of your eye (the outerside). The way you place it depends on how dramatic or big you want the wing to be. I placed it pointing towards the end of my eyebrow. Draw a line using the card to make the line sleek and clean.


DSC_0366Okay I already practiced a lot with eyeliner, so my line is a bit more perfectioned now. But I mess up a lot and I still have to draw it multiple times again to get it right. With a bit of help, practice or a gifted steady hand this will be a lot easier in time.



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