Explanation: How Normcore Are You?

DSC_1208Did you already hear about it? Normcore? Maybe you are saying out loud ‘what the heck is normcore?’ right now? Well, no one to blame you for that. It sounds a bit like hardcore or underscore or.. Okay let me explain you what normcore actually is, after which I’m going to show you some examples and pics. And let me tell you this, I absolutely adore being normcore. My question to you is: Are you digging normcore?

What is normcore?

Shortly, it is dressing in a conventional, non-descript way. Parse the word normcore and you get norm and core. Norm can be traced back to normal and core means essence, center, midpoint. So in the essence it is dressing in a normal outfit rather than in an unconventional or experimental way.

Like the New York trend agency K-Hole said in their Youth Mode report: ,,Normcore moves away from a coolness that relies on difference to a post-authenticity that opt into sameness. In other words: fit-in rather than to stand-out.

How to look normcore?

Detail-free (brandfree?) clothing, t-shirts, sneakers, jeans like the Levi 501, cashmere sweaters, peacoats, non-flashy ensembles, turtleneck jumpers, joggerpants, Birkenstocks or slippers, et cetera.

Who is normcore?

Check this photogallery out on Vogue UK. I would like to say I’m definitely normcore and totally digging it. Jeans, sweaters, sneakers, like my favourite three in fashion. Yes maybe it is kind of boring or simple/normal, but what is wrong with dressing that way? I don’t have to prove myself wearing the most crazy dress ever or the highest possible Gaga-shoes.

How about you? What is your opinion about this normcore-trend?

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6 thoughts on “Explanation: How Normcore Are You?

  1. ahh how interesting! although i’ve definitely seen the style before, i’ve never actually been exposed to the word normcore. you learn something new everyday! =P


  2. I kinda got attracted to this post cause of my hardcore music taste but I think ‘normcore’ is officially my favourite word. By the way, i’m a new blogger so feel free to visit my blog! Thanks


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