Tips & Tricks: Fee Scheme For Business Inquiries

8d59e1d704487358c37d94c091772e83The last few weeks I have been blogging about what to do when businesses reach out to you to work together (for free) and how to deal with business proposals. I promised to write an article about a fee scheme and timetable. Which gives you some sort of grip when you DO get an inquiry worth your time considering.First of all it is important to straighten out your blogging boundaries. What are you willing to do for free and what not? Don’t forget to make clear why you set those rules/boundaries for you and your blog. This way companies have a sense of what kind of blogger you are. They will respect you for your point of view and persistance. For example: I don’t do posts were I don’t get a saying about the content. Or I don’t do sponsored posts if I don’t like the product myself. Make sure you don’t immediately slam the door closed. Leave room for negotiation about a possible collaboration.


  • Estimated time writing an outfit post: depending from the length of the article about 15 minutes (100 words), 30 minutes (300-400 words) to 60 minutes (400 and more words)
  • Estimated time photographing outfits: photography: depending from 30 minutes to 90 minutes
  • Estimated time editing pictures: editing: 30 minutes uploading: 15 minutes
  • Estimated time writing an in depth article: research: 60 minutes to 90 minutes | writing: 30 minutes/60 minutes | checking grammarly: 15 minutes
  • Estimated time writing a sponsored post (review/product): reviewing: 30 minutes | photographing products: about 45 minutes | writing: 30 minutes/60 minutes | checking grammarly: 15 minutes

Fee scheme

The fees you charge are depending a bit on previous collaborations, monthly pageviews and the amount of a (loyal) fanbase/followers on your blog and social media accounts. I don’t have a lot of experience with this topic yet, because I am a newer blogger and my fanbase still has to grow. But I did some research on other (bigger) bloggers and I came up with the following tips & tricks for a fee scheme:

  • Make sure you have a timetable ready so you can estimate the time you are working on a project
  • Like I said: pageviews and followers DO count. How much does a brand profit (coverage and value) from having their “product” on your blog? If the extent of your post isn’t that high yet, the brand is likely to pay you less than when you reach 10.000 people a month.
  • Same goes for social media followings. When you have a large fanbase on IG the brand is willing to pay you more, because 27.000 followers means more coverage and value for the brand than 500 IG fans.
  • Make sure you don’t get underpaid, but certainly don’t set the standards too high. Especially when you aren’t a professional (yet) when it comes to photography or blogging (new on the block), et cetera. You have to make a living too, but don’t scare potential investors off by charging too much. There is not a list or scheme with the average fees on it. Advertising is a free market so you have to negotiate about the price they are willing to pay you. And to be honest, I’m still struggling on how to determine on what I can charge for different kind of posts.
  • I found this wonderful list with a standard calculation of how to figure out how much you could ask for certain posts, check this article out!
  • Another great article from It is called ‘How much is a Blog Post worth? – Paying Bloggers’ and gives you insight and thoughts about: post length, topic, type of post, post frequency, expertise of the blogger, ownership, profile of the blogger, et cetera.
  • For how much or less are you willing to publicize a post? That’s a question you should ask yourself. The price depends on so many factors, but you also have to take into consideration whether or not you want to “sell” yourself or time and space on your blog? How much do you think you are worth? How much do you think your blog is worth?
  • From various articles I got the impression the rates per post are varying between $5 – $30. But those prices again depend on ask and demand. What do you think of those rates? Do you have experience with this topic? Yes? Then please let me know how much you charge and why. I would love to know!

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