Lifestyle: Instagram Overview


Due to trouble at my job (people calling in sick) I have to do additional work. From last Saturday until Tuesday I’m working till 22:30 hours. I begin at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and before that I have to make posts, do groceries, clean up the house, do my running work-out, make food. So I’m lacking time to make the posts you are used from me.

Like outfits, tips & tricks, discussions et cetera. I hope I can find the time tomorrow to make a tips & tricks about how to deal with certain business inquiries/propositions. Read my DISCUSSIONS post about it to get a heads up. For now I’m showing you a round-up of my life on Instagram. For those who don’t follow me on IG, hurry! Go follow me! You will get tons of food, fashion and art pics. See you there 😉


10661124_619182748198244_1403073635_n10623872_302181573302796_593433270_n10522859_353654828092779_1030505338_n10547151_1467983413470345_110917737_n923776_1460423644178174_244851824_n10616750_1458685217751729_1816678576_n10665515_1556659137895454_736928986_n10665404_289221774596251_1657337490_n925343_710982525641482_1915471505_n 925956_515900675208428_122945158_n 928641_326181037544934_1894500235_n10522297_1517762241769868_1833838215_n10523505_950295301662798_94218822_n10570081_713565065357807_1346577289_n 10593279_693508090704433_917017801_n 10601818_1659846994240353_1154187158_n 10601940_1456888771259424_1667261775_n


917168_1446937595591821_1771404786_n923749_308776555961798_1488553127_n5f932714199611e4905690e2ba64d0c8_81597702_312600125567069_1759174250_n10499041_1524264277788161_1781105763_n10535071_481412575294861_1781931037_n 10540321_1456334047988172_1971924851_n 10544283_634315870000460_564033331_n10561096_826034277416332_601714943_n10570216_689771974434919_1287709636_n 10575951_1539236562966763_1685031906_n 10576072_686185201457425_930369641_n10593286_341286432688949_335285909_n 10598408_570008546443376_807988069_n10601819_796890150341917_1864103556_n 10601930_1478644462383979_644678659_n10607919_1467542360194558_309433121_n 10617009_1525595050985761_505652288_n 10632316_1495253114047229_1353022322_n 10632552_1462748764001138_2101473333_n



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