Lifestyle: What Kinda Girl(s) Are You?


A little fun post today, just to start the weekend lightly. I think everybody seen or at least heard of SATC or Sex and the City. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, those four characters are kind of 90’s and early 20th cult icons. I am now 23 so when SATC reigned I was still in my teenage years. Unaware of all the adult-like events that happenend on that show. Now GIRLS is more of our generation’s cup of tea.

For those who didn’t hear about Girls yet, here’s a short summary: it also stars four characters (20-somethings), struggling to make it in life and in New York City, the City that makes all the magic happen. Or so they believe. Hannah (Lena Dunham) is an aspiring writer, suddenly cut on finances by her parents. She has to support herself now by getting a job and start living the real adult life. Marnie (Allison Williams) is Hannah’s best friend and former roommate. She is a gallery assistant and overly ambitious to make it into the art world. Then we have Jessa and Shoshanna, nieces. Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) is the youngest of them four and looks upon the other three girls. Jessa (Jemima Kirke) is her cool and beautiful niece, getting back from her traveling and drops a bomb that she might be pregnant.

So what character are you? Below some keywords describing all four girls. I am curious to know who you think I am. I’m not going to reveal that one yet. Leave a comment with who’d you think. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you’ll get the answer through the picture of the character I post. Oh and let me know who you are! 😉

  • Hannah; aspiring writer, struggles with recurring OCD’s, thinks she has the talent to be the next great 20th century writer, bit sloppy, doesn’t care so much about how she looks, wasn’t financially independent on her 24th yet, cares a lot about her friends, funny, chit chatter
  • Marnie; (overly) ambitious, most matured, put together, responsible, long-term boyfriend, secretly insecure, not sure about this is the life she wants to live, takes too less risks, wants to go crazy but something is holding her back, her style is much like Victoria Beckham’s
  • Jessa; English, beautiful, lives the bohemian travel life, had jobs as a nanny, been all over the world, knows how to impress all the men around her, had lots of boyfriends, struggled with alcohol and drugs abuse (heroin/cocaine), party hardy, you only live once is her motto
  • Shoshanna; smart, the youngest, insecure, virgin, wants to live the Sex and the City-life, bubbly, spontaneous, talks too much and too fast, academic student, colorful and fashionable style



4 thoughts on “Lifestyle: What Kinda Girl(s) Are You?

  1. I love the show. The only bad thing about it (I think) is they are all so self centered. I like the way Hannah’s boyfriend evolves in the series. I am jot sure which character represents me. A crossover between Jessa and Hannah I gues… what do you think? :p


    • Yeah they are a bit huh? Adam finally becomes a bit more humane and human haha. You have the bohemian style of Jessa I think yes, with her long floral dresses and so. And the off and on periods of Hannah indeed. Sometimes you are very creative and ambitiously moving foreward, and sometimes I see a message at your Facebook that you are having some downfall now and then 😉 So I think you are totally right haha. Who do you think I am?


  2. You know I’ve never seen the show before but I’ve heard raves about it! What season’s airing right now? Lena Dunham is really making it big with her satirical humor and unique fashion sense; did you see her on SNL? It was one of my favorites this season 🙂 – Lena


    • You should definitely go see it bae! It’s funny, spot on, on trend, for our age and the storyline is dealing with the ordinairy stuff in life we are dealing with too. No didn’t see her, yet! Going to check it out. She is great. And best thing, she is not ashamed of her not having a size zero figure. You definitely going to see her mocking herself and her weight in the series, so funny!


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