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DSC_1209I got nominated by the lovely Anouk Vriezen from to do the Happy Tag. Positivity should be widely spread, so I’m happy to do so. Here we go: 6 questions about happiness and after that I will nominate 5 bloggers aswell. The questions just remain the same, so no hassle of making new questions yourself. If you didn’t get nominated by me (no offence!), but you really would like to do this tag, just leave a comment and I will gladly nominate you too. 

What made you happy this morning?

I had the opportunity to snooze all morning, because I don’t have to go to work until 16:00 (I’m a barista at an Italian restaurant, where I also prepare Italian pastas). I stayed in bed until 10 in the morning, which made it possible for me to catch up on some sleep. The fact I was able to catch ten hours of sleep made me feel very happy and relaxed.

Even though it is already cloudy again, the sun was shining this morning. Positive: it wasn’t raining! I was also happy to make a new blogpost and seeing my boyfriend just after he did his morningrun.

What song makes you feel happy?

I’m totally into female rap lately. Just love the fierceness and power they display with their songs and appearance. Favourite at this moment would definitely be Iggy Azalea. Love her songs, her looks, her beauty and lyrics.

Mention 5 things or people that make you feel happy

My boyfriend and kickass photographer A. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have these great outfitposts. The part of him being the photographer is just a minor plus. Yeah I’m getting soppy now: he makes me laugh, he’s attentive and caring, loves sports, he listens to me and gives his sincere and honest opinion (he is mostly right) and is so cute and handsome.

My blog W in Wonderland Best decision lately, starting my own personal styleblog. All of my creativity, passion and profession has come together in this blog.

Fashion Maybe predictable, maybe supersticious, but I love reading and talking about fashion. I even get happy and exciting when I’m on a shopping spree (what girl doesn’t?).

Family & friends What are we without family & friends? They are always there for you when times are getting rough. They give their honest opinion, without being judgemental. They have your back.

Running A passion of mine since I started practicing athletics when I was only 8 years old. I was that overly energetic, all over the place crazy kid, so my parents made a pretty good decision putting me on sports. Running makes me feel free, clears my head and works as a reset button when I’m stressed out.

What’s your biggest pride?

Being in such great harmony with myself lately. To not being to detailed, I wasn’t always that balanced when it came to my mental well-being. Maybe it is because growing older changes you as a person and makes you feel less insecure about everything, but I’m now definitely more happy and more balanced when it comes to feelings, thoughts et cetera.

What is the nicest feeling in the world?

Waking up next to my boyfriend, watching him sleep (men look like little kids when they are asleep). And running in the forest, surrounded by trees, fresh air, animals and that great nature scent.

Set a timer on 1 minute, write down things that make you happy, as much as possible!

Nature, boyfriend, food, fashion, shoes, bags, sneakers, sunshine, tattoos, graffiti, icecream, pizza, pasta, soup, shopping, running, sweating, sleeping, forest, cats, Instagram, reading, writing, magazines.

The ones I nominate are:

  • Feline Creatures Great style, colorful sharp pictures and well-thought of backgrounds.
  • Pinklacepearls She is the sophisticated and chic version of me 🙂 Sweet, sweet girl.
  • Frillthrills A blogging bestie! She is very supportive of the WordPress blogging community. But her best features are that she is very funny, always happy and bubbly.
  • Anna x Sophie Cool girl. Even her homepage profile picture is rock ‘n roll.
  • High On Those Heels Well isn’t she a looker? Nice style with a pretty face on it 😉


Picture courtesy of W in Wonderland



9 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Happy Tag

  1. Blogging bestie. Yaaaa baby (in a cool tone) that’s what we are. Hifi fist and chest bump toooo. Hahaha..thank you so much. And watching my sister sleep is my favorite happy thing to do. So I can so relate to that bit about u watching your boyfriend sleep. 🙂
    I will respond to this post soon 😀


  2. Thank you for the lovely nomination! Such insightful overview of your favorite things! This is a good song by Iggy; I’ve been digging her music since she stepped in the spotlight with Fancy. I meant to ask you, what tattoos do you have? 🙂 – Lena


    • Of course! Your blog is cool, so 🙂 yeah Iggy is awesome, that song with Rita Ora and with Ariana Grande is totally worth checking out too! About the tat, I have on on the back of my shoulder, it’s a swallow. I won’t more, but bit short on money lately hihi 😉 You? Xo


      • Ah is it the Black Widow song? I love it too! A swallow as a tattoo is very lovely, is there any meaning behind it? I don’t have one but eventually want to. Still deciding on what to get 🙂


      • Yeah that one!! Thanks 🙂 The meaning is that a bird is free to go wherever and whenever it wants. It can escape from dangerous situations by Flying away. I love the feeling of being outlawed and your own boss. Hmm maybe Pinterest could help you out? 😉


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