Outfit: Canadian Tux

DSC_1206Autumn is arriving! The days are getting shorter and darker, the weather starts to turn from sun and heat to rain and cold. Which means no more shorts, skirts without stockings or croptops. Bit sad about it though, I like the summer. I’m more of a summer type than a winter type. Some fancy snow and iceskating, I fancy the beach and the sun.

Well, today an all new outfitpost. Wore denim on denim, or as they officially call it: Canadian Tuxedo. I hope you like the background I picked for this post too! Let me know what you think of it 🙂

Oh, I have some great news. If you liked my post from yesterday about the jaderoller, you are lucky. I can give you until the end of this month (August) a discount code of 10 euro on the roller. So if you are curious about it, then check my post out and get the special discount code!

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DSC_1195DSC_1190DSC_1218DSC_1179DSC_1208DSC_1185DSC_1200DSC_1193DSC_1191DSC_1222DSC_1204Jeans Maison Scotch | Shirt Primark | Jacket Runway Dreamz x Levi’s | Watch Casio | Boots Hot Ice |


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