Beauty: Beautiful Like An Empress

DSC_1158A beauty post on this beautiful sunday. A bit different from what you’ve seen from me lately, but I thought this one was well worth it. I recently won a jaderoller at a giveaway on Red Reiding Hood. This beauty tool  is something Chinese empresses used in ancient times to maintain youthfulness. I didn’t hear from this skinproduct before, but I’m glad I know now.

This tool consists out of 100 % pure Jade, a gemstone with a cooling and healing effect. And cooling it is! The gemstone feels smooth and at first use even a bit chilly. The cooling effect (even cooler when put into the fridge) instantly feels stress-relieving and relaxing. Which is quite nice after a day of hard work. The jaderoller can be used daily and doesn’t take that much of your time with a five to ten minute during work-out. Like with every beauty ritual make sure you cleanse your skin before use. Putting pressure on the jade isn’t necessary, the weigh of the gemstone is already sufficient. You don’t have to rubb like you have to with dry-brushing.

So the most important part is of course the effects of the jaderoller. How do we benefit from it? First things first, it helps reducing wrinkles. Already a winner 😉 If it really reduces wrinkles is something I have to see for myself over a longer period of time (in the nearby future). It also stimulates the bloodcirculation, enhances the elasticity of the skin, reduces dark circles, bags, spots and huge pores and supports the lymph drainage and drainage of waste materials. Should be enough, right? Would you want to try one of these? Or were you already familiar with the jaderoller?

Nice fact: ‘Jade’ means ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty’

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