Discussion: What Qualifies A Top Fashionblogger?

219b52f1a0ce57ef5e2a2ad05e9ec788I think every blogger has some sort of opinion about this discussion topic. What qualifies a top fashionblogger is what I want to talk about today. Some say you have to have 10.000 hours of practice before you can outshine in what you are striving for.

Whether that’s true or false, fact is you have to invest time and effort before it pays off. The biggest fashionbloggers right now already started blogging in the early days and have been doing this for over 5 years now. Good example of such a blogger is Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad. But how about the ones that didn’t start blogging X years ago? They get to a certain point of being in ‘the bizz’ for a few years too.

I always wonder what makes a top fashionblogger stand out from another blogger that has been in this business for multiple years too. How could they make a living out of it and become famous and the less fortunate blogger not? What do you think it is? Luck? The right connections? The right friends in right places? Hard work? Beauty? A niche? Experience? A hole in the market? Something unique about the blog or blogger? Some fashionblogs have totally earned the respect and esteem from the fashionworld, but of some blogs I really don’t get it why they are so big. Of course with all due respect for their hard work. In my opinion they don’t have something really unique about them, like a fashionstyle, way of photographing or writing style. What is their secret then?

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