Outfit: Cherry Wine

DSC_1104Bit bummed this morning. As you may know I’m in the process of developing a new website. I switched from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. This allows me to completely altere everything regarding my blog.

At WordPress.org you need to find a webhost first to get started. WordPress recommends Bluehost (among others), so I signed up and purchased an account plus domain (still the same http://www.winwonderland.com). Before I can transfer my old domain to the new host I have to wait 60 days according to the guidelines of the ICANN. Because I registered 18 days ago, I have 43 days left. I can’t wait that much longer! I’m so excited to get started on building my dreamblog. Maybe you are curious now on what I have in store for you, but that will remain a secret until the launch of the new and improved W in Wonderland 🙂

Do you have any recommendations for the new blog? Or requests? Let me know!

DSC_1149DSC_1097DSC_1109DSC_1147DSC_1114Leather Pants Selected Femme | Shirt Vero Moda | Heels Steve Madden |



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