Tips & Tricks: Want Your Own Crib? Check This First!

green-bikeThere comes a moment in your life when you are ready to move out and find your own little space. Me and my boyfriend (together for three years) are looking for houses lately. At a certain point you just feel you are ready to take a leap foreward into your relationship. I really like to share my experiences when it comes to this topic. Through this journey of searching for houses we stumbled upon so many things to think of when getting your own condo.

Of course there are the obvious things like ‘do you have enough savings to buy the place?’, ‘how much do you have to loan?’ and ‘how high is your mortgage going to be?’. Or maybe you don’t want all of the fuzz and responsibilities that comes with buying houses? An easy out solution would be renting a place. Either you have the place for your own or together with your partner, there is no commitment to the place whatsoever. If the relationship ends you’re not stuck to an overpriced place and moving out is possible at any time (with a one months margin). But the downside is that the rent you’re paying disappears into thin air. When you own your own place you invest all of the money paid into your own house.

Apart from the obvious, did you already gave these things a thought:

  • The neighbourhood? Is it somewhere you could picture yourself living for the next couple of years? Would you raise your kids over there?
  • The neighbours? What kind of people are they? Quiet and easygoing or loud and difficult? What are you looking for in your residents?
  • The location? If you ever want to sell your house again, is the location decent enough for future buyers?
  • The sunny side? If you’re buying an apartment or going to live into a flat, how’s the balcony or garden situated? The best possible situation would be if your balcony is located on the eastside or westside. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  • Costs? Energy costs? Electricity costs? Water costs?
  • Does the actual space add up to the amount paid? Sometimes you have to pay a shit-load of money for a tiny place, make sure the space is adding up to the buyer costs.
  • Household articles? If the furniture is available for takeover, don’t forget to check with the current owners the state of the household goods. Are they recently build-in or already outdated and ready for replacement within a foreseeable time?
  • Energy-saving? Nothing is more frustrating than sky-high heating costs during wintertime. Make sure the house is energy-saving. Easy to check: do the windows have double glass?

Do you have more tips to add to this list? I really like to know your point of view on this topic. Also because we are still looking for the perfect place, so every point of interest would be helpful.



2 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: Want Your Own Crib? Check This First!

  1. My husband and I have been together 20 years. When we were dating and wanted to move into together we looked at buying a house instead of renting because the market was extremely cheap at that time. We were convinced by others and our own fears I guess that we should rent instead since we weren’t married. 14 years of marriage later and 20 years together, my biggest regret is that we didn’t buy earlier. We are still renting and the prices for homes have skyrocketed here in California. Follow your heart and your intuition!


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