Tips & Tricks: Spotting Locations

imageLately I’ve been very busy spotting suitable locations for my outfit shoots. Of course I could pose in my backyard (like I did earlier in my blogging days), but I realized it doesn’t say anything about me or what I want people to remember when they visit my blog. I wrote down a few qualifications my locations have to meet. And also what I’m looking for when I’m on background hunt. I figured maybe you would like to have these tips & tricks also. I wrote down the following shortlist:

  • Do you have a professional DSLR camera and a photographer within your reach (read: mom, dad, boyfriend) or is it just you and your iPhone? When you only have the latter make sure you clean up your room when taking pictures in front of the mirror. I see some girls making #selfies from their outfits in front of the mirror not conscious of what’s behind them. Make sure there’s no unnecessary clutter on the background.
  • Speaking of unnecessary clutter on the background, visitors of your blog want to see the outfit, product or delicious brownie you just cooked. Clutter and other things that could distract from the main subject just tend to lead your visitors away from the post. So when you’re looking for a suitable location, make sure the background contributes to the subject.


  • Do you want people to remember you and your blog? That’s the question I started to ask myself a while ago. My visitors and commenters often tell me my pics look cool, tough, vivid and colorful. So that’s what I want my background to be like. The location needs to complement and support the story I’m telling with my outfit. Try to find out what your visitors think about you and your outfits. Then write down which locations would be suitable for your pictures and what story you’re telling.
  • When you found a perfect spot for your photoshoot, make sure you don’t forget it by writing it down. I always carry my little notebook with me, so I can pin down every idea that pops up in my mind and every spot I come across.
  • Think out of the box when searching for the perfect spot. Bridges, (characteristic) alleys, parking lots, graffiti sights, statues, artwork, historical buildings, (flower) gardens, the beach, the woods, industrial areas, national parks, trainstations, underground metrostations, etc. Be creative!



2 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: Spotting Locations

  1. Ik zoek ook altijd een geschikte achtergrond op, het kan zóveel meer doen voor je foto’s! Heel soms maak ik toch foto’s dicht bij huis, maar dan zorg ik altijd dat het diafragma groot ingesteld staat, zodat er zo min mogelijk van de achtergrond zichtbaar is. 🙂


    • Precies! Zodat de achtergrond wazig wordt. In het geval van tijdsnood doe ik hetzelfde hoor 😉 Je foto’s zijn trouwens hartstikke mooi. Wat probeer jij te vertellen met je foto’s?


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