Tips & Tricks: What You Should Think Of When Getting A Tattoo

DSC_0821Maybe you guys noticed it already in recent posts, but I have a tattoo of a swallow on my left shoulder. It’s a tiny tattoo, well considered and with a special meaning to it. In this post I would like to tell you the (short) story behind me having it and of course some tips & tricks to think of when getting a tattoo.

So first, getting a tattoo isn’t something you decide to do over a one nights sleep. Ok maybe if you’re Rihanna or Miley Cyrus it is a different story. But most of us really think it thru. At least I did. I already wanted a tattoo when I was 16, but mom talked me out of it. I had to get 18 years old before she was fine with it and when I turned 18 she again said: ‘if you still want one a year from now, you can have one’. I got my first ever tattoo just before my 19th birthday.

I wanted the swallow because it represents the thought of sky is the limit and being outlawed. A bird can go wherever it wants, fly away whenever it wants and especially fly away when hazardous situations occur. I like the thought of being free to make decisions of my own, letting nobody dictate what I should be, what I should become or how I should act, speak or what I should wear.

To explain why you should be absolutely sure when getting a tattoo, I came up with some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep in mind where to put the tattoo on your body. A tattoo on your underarm looks cool, but if you have an official profession or a job where suits are required, that tattoo could be somewhat of a problem.
  • Don’t get caried away in the moment. At first a tattoo with your love’s name on it will look super romantic, but if the relationship strands, you wish you never had put his name there on the first place. Same goes for inconsiderate childish tats or ‘I really couldn’t care less’- tattoos.
  • A tattoo consists out of ink, so in general it is a permanent mark on your body. If you get easily bored, tired of something or if you are a doubter, I would suggest you think twice before getting that needle onto your skin.
  • No a tattoo isn’t something you have to regret for the rest of  your life when you don’t like it anymore. Laser treatment will erase it within 6 till 15 treatments. The costs vary from 50 euro for 1 to 2 cm in size to 250 for tats sized 200 till 400 cm. And that’s the price for one treatment (prices can vary per laser clinic).
  • Few years ago news emerged that the ink in tattoos appeared to contain carcinogenic substances. It did say it’s hard to prove what the long term effects are and what the risks are for our well-being, following a Dutch newsarticle (news from after I got my tattoo).
  • Research the tattoo artists in your neighbourhood, check their portfolio and artwork. If the artwork is of good quality and if you like what you see, then go for it!

Let me know if you have a tattoo yourself and if you want to get another one! Does anyone of you have regrets taking a tattoo? Would love to discuss it with you.



14 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: What You Should Think Of When Getting A Tattoo

  1. I got my first tattoo just over a week ago and I love it! I wrote a post about it on my blog titled ‘Biting the Bullet’.

    Many class it as childish and it doesn’t have a meaning, but I’ve wanted it for three years now – I think that’s an acceptable amount of time! So long as you like it and have thought about it for a while I don’t see the problem with what someone gets. It’s all a bit of fun in the end!

    Chantel xo


    • Awesome! Would love to see the tat 🙂 of course it’s someone’s own decision. But I meant it more like getting something in the moment and regretting it later. You know, you are dedicated to it and a fan of Pokemon since you were a Child, so meaning enough right? Thanks for your meaningful comment 🙂


  2. I have always admired people who get a tattoo done. I have had these phases I go in and out of when I’ve wanted tattoos but back out scared of the pain. Plus as you said I’m the kind who gets bored of such decisions quickly. Hence the apprehension. 🙂 Wish I get the guts to do it one day. 🙂


    • Aw you know, not having a tat won’t make you less cool or something. Some people also chose to keep their body pure like their mom gave them. And some just like to embellish their bodies like with piercings or so. You know if you are scared of it, don’t do it. It’s not that big of a deal anyways having one. I sometimes even forget I have one on my back ha ha 😉


  3. This is so informative since I’m planning on getting my first tattoo in a couple of weeks. I’m really scared but it’s something really meaningful and I found the perfect place in my body to do it. I have been wanting it since I was 16 too and now at 23 I’m finally ready to do it. I love your tattoo! it’s gorgeous and I love the meaning.


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