Spam Your Blog Day

qor8bv1s2seqh6ucsjca_teaI never did a spam your blog article before, but I saw lots of bloggers do it. So why not do it myself? It’s mainly to get to know eachother a bit better and also to discover new awesome blogs. So I think the intention of this post is pretty clear: just spam your blog, tell me something about your blog in a few sentences and if you like you can add your Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram and Facebook adress. I will look at all the comments and blogs and hopefully discover some great blogs I didn’t hear about before. There are a few blogs and bloggers I know a bit better and we comment on eachothers pages now and then. Of course I like to meet new people, most of all because I like to learn from like-minded people.

Have a nice day everyone, tomorrow I will post an all new outfit/OOTD. Did you know you can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin? I post two times a day on Instagram, pictures you don’t get to see on my blog for instance. And on Twitter I’m rambling about everyday life and about the things that interest me. See you there!


7 thoughts on “Spam Your Blog Day

  1. Hi Wilmke!
    I’m Julie, I am French, based in Amsterdam and I have started writing my Blog : Fashion Umami
    It’s a Fashion, Cooking, Interior Design, Travel, overall Lifestyle blog. I have been working in Fashion for several years now and lived abroad in different countries for quite some time, and since I love sharing ideas and good tips on Fashion, Cooking recipes, Styling ideas, and all the places I have been too and enjoyed, I thought, why not puting it down and sharing it with more people 🙂
    Hope to see you on the blog! 🙂

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  2. Laura (33), contentmanager van een reiswebsite, fotograaf naast mijn vaste baan en verslaafd aan alles dat 2.0 is. Ik heb dus ook een eigen blog, en dat is eigenlijk een allegaartje van alles waar ik mee bezig houd. Lezen, vakantie, reizen, fotografie, onze pup, hersenkronkels. Lekker allegaartje!
    Daarnaast ben ik eigenaar van, meer magazine dan blog. Maar wel te leuk om niet te noemen. Dagelijks een nieuw artikel, over een product, boek, website, leuk filmpje of… what ever is on our mind!

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