Discussion: Will Traditional Craftmanship Last In Fashion?

Laine_Teintures_naturellesIn my last discussion I talked about high-tech in fashion. Of course there will always be a countermovement of people who like to go back to basics. That’s no difference when it comes to technology on one hand and traditional craftmanship on the other hand.

In this article I want to talk about traditional craftmanship. If there is 3D-printing and garments who can change color or charge cell phone batteries, there will also be clothing made with f.e. a spinning-wheel, a rope-weaver or drenched into a natural paint-bath existing out of beetroot or aquamarine.

After a bit of researching on the internet I discovered the Society of Designer Craftsmen. This society promotes and supports the work of designers who design with traditional methods. Members can include a.o. jewellery, textile, glass, ceramics and furniture and wood designs. G-Star Raw finds craftmanship also important. They work with high quality denim and really try to combine highly advanced methods with traditional craftmanship, when it comes to f.e. dying, bleaching and stonewashing.

What do you think? Will there always be that countermovement? Or will traditional craftmanship quietly vanish?




3 thoughts on “Discussion: Will Traditional Craftmanship Last In Fashion?

  1. In India, traditional hand spun apparel is not only in fashion but a bit expensive too. The government has well established ministries to take of these artisans and this industry is called the cottage industry. Funnily, (or not! ) wearing hand woven traditional garb is considered as something very elite and sophisticated πŸ™‚


    • Wow that’s cool! So traditional craftmanship is actually something only wealthy people can afford? You would say traditional craftmanship is not as much wanted as state of the art designs, but you know hand-woven garments are very time consuming. If you look at it that way, I understand why it’s expensive. X


      • Yes. Exactly. Handwoven articles are definitely a luxury here and they are flaunted when bought πŸ™‚ and you got it right. Price is justified when you consider the number of manhours gone into creating intricate designs πŸ™‚


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