How To Soothe Your Skin After Sunburn

12hj3YJLast time I posted an article about how to protect yourself against the sun. I talked amongst others about the risks of sunburn and ways to protect yourself from burning. Of course a follow-up is at it’s place. Even though you rubbed yourself with sunblock factor 30 and stayed under the shades in the early afternoon, there is a chance you still get sunburned or redness caused by the sun.

I came up with a few helpful tips & tricks to soothe and treat your skin. I hope these tips will come in handy for you. Of course it’s better to prevent yourself from sun damage, but sometimes it just happens.

  • Rubbing  your skin with milk, yoghurt or buttermilk will help soothe your skin. You can also take a lukewarm bath and poor some milk or yoghurt with the water. Don’t put soap or other bathingproducts in the water.
  • Maybe you already knew you can put cucumber slices over your eyes to reduce dark circles, but did you know the slices and juice of a cucumber also helps against sunburn?
  • Rub egg yoke or potato starch onto the sunburn. Sleaping with egg yoke overnight is a good elixir, but be aware of the fact it can get pretty messy.
  • Aftersun crèmes with aloë vera or menthol are good in use. Don’t put greasy crèmes like vaseline onto your skin.
  • Aspirine or ibuprofene help against head aches and pain caused by redness.
  • If you are sunburned, don’t lay in the sun for a couple of days until the redness has vanished. If you can’t avoid the sun whatsoever, wear dark clothes in the sun or in the water. The darker the better protected from the sunrays.

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