Outfit: Home Is Where The Heart Is

DSC_0824Was already a while ago since I visited my parents. So I decided to take these two days off and leave my laptop at home. Had my camera with me though, so I could shoot some pics in my parents’ garden. I always shoot in RAW (type of file), which really makes a great difference when it comes to the quality of the pictures. Unfortunately the tablet and iPad weren’t able to open this type of file (only .jpg for example). That’s why I didn’t post anything for two days (sorry!). Yesterday I told you something more about me as a person and today my outfit of Tuesday is up. DSC_0796DSC_0838DSC_0821DSC_0823The background is not what you may have expected. I recently told you I turned into a new route by using colorful graffiti/painting backgrounds as a hallmark for my outfit pictures. Since my parents live in a small village on the countryside, graffiti/paintings were nowhere to be seen. The following OOTD’s will be like the last couple of pics with graffiti/painting backgrounds. I am very curious about what you think of my outfit! I’m always dressed in loose-fitted clothing, like tees, jeans, sweaters, shorts and so on. But every tomboy has a girly-girly somewhere hidden inside. Therefore a floral bohemian dress with high heels this time.

Dress Mango | Heels Steve Madden |


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