DISCUSSION: High-Tech Takes Over Fashion

robot-376758_1920I would like to talk about technology in fashion. Foremost because I think it’s an up and coming phenomenon. To those people who don’t care all that much about fashion, in their eyes “we” can be really shallow and superannuated. We “people” only have eyes for that – super-overrated priced $800 – new designer dress existing out of one single silk fabric. But is that actually true? Don’t we care about state of the art developments? Fashion forward garments? Clothes designed with new found technology?

To put the cards on the table: yes, we do care about it. And as a matter of fact, technology plays more and more an elementary part in the fashion world. It’s not just all about designing and producing simple clothing. A lot of simple clothing nowadays exists by the grace of technological implementations, f.e. scuba material, foam, plastic, organza, etc.

Do you still remember those 90’s mood rings? They changed colors based on your state of mind? Well, that concept isn’t so stupid at all. Jeansdesigner Naked & Famous already invented jeans that change color depending on your body temperature. They also made this cool holographic denim which reflects light into rainbow colors. Karma Chameleon project created electronic fabrics that would change color (yes one dress different occassions!) and can charge your phone’s battery (well that comes in handy). What to think of Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen and her 3D printed collections? In 2011 Van Herpen was already way ahead of technology in fashion, with her haute couture garments.

Do you think high-tech takes over fashion? Or will there be a countermovement, such as authentic craftmanship?


7 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: High-Tech Takes Over Fashion

  1. Hoi!, interessante post… om technologie kun je niet meer omheen en ook de mode niet. Toch is mode zó veranderlijk dat er ook altijd een drang naar “vintage & old school” zal zijn, althans die heb ik wel ;).
    Liefs, Esmeralda


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