Best Apps For Photogenetic Instagram Pictures

tU3ptNgGSP6U2fE67Gvy_SYDNEY-162Don’t we all post #selfie ‘s on Instagram? Instagram could mean a big deal to your blog and the establishment of your blog as a brand. If you get featured by a brand f.e., people will notice you’re someone to watch. The pics you post also contribute to the way people see your blog.Instagram is kind of a big deal with more than 200 million users. To compare with, Twitter has over 240 million users. But when it comes on using the two services on mobile phones, Instagram will outdo Twitter with a difference of 3 million this year. So far the history lesson, won’t bother you with it anymore. Since Instagram could raise a lot of awareness for your blog or brand, I figured it would be of great use to have the best apps for photogenetic Instagram pics gathered in this blogpost.

  • Afterlight; Editing app a lot of bloggers use. Only for iPhone use. Good alternative for Android users (like me) is Shark Photo Editor.  Afterlight has editing tools, (free) filters and composition tools, next to all their frames and textures. NOTE: $0,99 is the price for this app.
  • VSCO Cam; Great replacement for Afterlight. This editing app is available for both iPhone and Android and is FREE. You can adjust temperature, exposure, contrast, crop, rotate, fade, and add filters.
  • Camera 360; FREE Camera app to make pictures. This one has 6 different modes, namely auto, portrait, scenery, food, night, microspur. These modes remind me a bit of settings on a digital or DSLR camera. After  you made your picture, you can edit it.
  • Aviary Photo Editor; FREE app. Editing tool for beginners, it’s very easy and simple in use.
  • Bokeh Effects; Such a cool FREE app to get those blurry effects in your pictures. Bokeh is Japanese of origin and means you only blur out a certain element in a picture. Most of the time the intention of bokeh is to emphasize points of light in the image.
  • Snapseed; FREE app to enhance your pictures, comparable to Aviary Photo Edit. Also try out Photo Editor by BeFunky and Adobe Photoshop Express.
  • Overgram; Only usable for iPhone (FREE). Great app to add text to your photos. If you host a giveaway you can put that announcement with the pic.
  • Mirrorgram; Also only for iPhone (FREE). Such a pity this one isn’t available for Android too. You can mirror your photos and create really awesome effects.
  • Facetune; $2,69 To purchase this app for pimping and tuning your pics. Create magazine-style pictures and photoshop yourself until you look like a celeb too. Only for iPhone.
  • X Process; Photo camera (FREE) with a cross processing photo filter. You only have to make the picture, the app does the rest.
  • Square FX (iPhone)/Square Droid (Android); FREE in use and totally a must for everyone who hates cropping pictures on Instagram. This app allows you to upload full size pictures into Instagram without cropping.
  • moreBeaute2; FREE app for iPhone only that gives you the opportunity to lighten and smoothen your skin.
  • HDR FX Editor Free; Amazing editing program, the only difference is this app gives you beautiful HDR pictures.

So? Enough food for thought? This post is also a good reminder for myself to pay more attention to Instagram, because I don’t have a large following (only 250) on Instagram yet. It’s not that I don’t like to post pics, but I have some slight resentment against the follow 4 follow culture on that platform. When I follow somebody, it is because I like that person, want to have updates on their life or just like their beautiful pictures. But what I experienced is people following me and unfollowing me if I didn’t follow them back within one minute. I mean, what’s the deal with that?


4 thoughts on “Best Apps For Photogenetic Instagram Pictures

  1. Leeuk! Ik vind die instagram effectjes niet altijd het leukst, dus een andere app waarmee je je foto’s kunt bewerken is wel handig 🙂 Ik kon ze allemaal nog niet.


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