Wanted: A Helping Hand


I’m planning on launching my own domain plus new blog lay-out, design and logo. I also have lots of exciting plans in mind for my blog. Ideas on how to make my blog really stand out of everyone else’s. How am I going to accomplish that? By giving you unique blogposts, topics and categories I don’t see a lot and a more professional looking blog.

Before I can reach those goals, I really need your help. I can’t do this alone. I mean, I know what I want for my blog, but you guys are my readers, my followers or passing visitors. Without you my blog is just an ordinairy personal diary. So since I hate diaries (have several ones, always with a few pages of ramblings and then it suddenly stops), and always lack the willing to maintain them, I want this blog to be bigger than that.

What I am asking from you is this: what do you like about my blog and what could I improve on? What makes you keep coming back to my blog? What grabs your attention when you first look at it? And of course what would you want me to chance on my blog? Is there something I could do to make you like my blog more? What do you like to read about and which topics you couldn’t care less about?

I know, I know, an awful lot of questions! You know, I could return the favor and judge your blog? If you like me too? It means a lot if you guys help me out with this. You can comment under this post, or on Twitter, Facebook, whatever you like.

Thanks in advance! Big kisses

Source picture: Unsplash.com.


One thought on “Wanted: A Helping Hand

  1. Ik heb een tip, wil je echt dat je volgers vragen beantwoorden zorg dan voor een makkelijke ‘survey’. Die kun je laten invullen. Ik vind je blog super leuk zoals je al weet. Hij wordt steeds beter met de foto’s en dergelijke. Er zijn via wordpress.com een heleboel gratis themes te downloaden. Succes met je nieuwe site!


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