Do you secretely confess?

BIR62RGGjGxN5nrbnzwu_3We all have our little (dirty) secrets, things we won’t say out loud and definitely won’t confess doing. Sometimes I wonder myself if I’m the only one doing those things and thinking about that. Let’s see how many boxes you tick! Do you dare to confess? Yes or No?

□ Refreshing multiple times an hour your statistics, anxious to see if you received new comments, likes or visitors?
□ Sometimes not caring how (NOT fashionable) you look if your not taking outfit photos for your blog?
□ Secretely eating that large not so healthy piece of pie, whilst always posting pictures of healthy meals on Instagram?
□ Having that nasty habit of looking at (how big it is) your turt after you visited the loo? Boys do it too!
□ Wandering around in your pj’s for a whole day, only changing to a stunning outfit for an outfitpost?
□ Secretely looking at other girls whilst showering after a gym work-out, because you are comparing your body to theirs? Hey! What else way to figure out if your body is just fine and not out of proportion..
□ Spending money on another pair of shoes, knowing you don’t have the money and need to eat bread and peanutbutter for the rest of the week?
□ You like to lay in your boyfriends arms, but if the time’s there to sleep, you really want to roll to your own side of the bed?
□ If you need to be honest: you hate wheatgrass, black beans, cooked oatmeal, beet juice, kale juice and so on, but you’re eating it because the whole world braggs about it?
□ Hate 1D and Justin Biebs but know the lyrics if any of their songs is on the radio?
□ Think soccer is boring, but you turn into a real diehard fan if the World Cup’s on?
□ Really love every inch of your boyfriends body, especially if he keeps his socks on so you can’t see his hideous toes?
□ Checking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Lookbook, Your Blog, Pinterest (..) every hour, cause you don’t want to miss a single thing?
□ Working because you need the money for that gorgeous black dress, the fifth one already in your closet?
□ Not sitting on any toiletseat because you are afraid of what said on it before you?

So how many times did you secretely tick the box? I would love to know what you would add to this list. Do you recognize yourself in this?

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