Reversed French Manicure + L’Oreal Review

DSC_0643It was already a while ago since I last posted a beauty post starring my nails. I bought this manicure pen from L’Oreal today and figured I could do a beauty and review post in one. I love French manicures, but I recently cut my nails short for work purposes. Which means I don’t have these beautiful long nails perfectly made for manicures. So I decided to make it my way, inspired by international catwalk trends. I saw this naildesign at NYFW at Tess Giberson’s and CND (Creative Nail Design) and on my fav singtress Ellie Goulding.

I used for this nailart Etos Basecoat, L’Oreal 622 Soft Chinchilla (grey color) and the L’Oreal Le French Manicure Liner. Just apply the basecoat (let it dry out), the prime color (Chinchilla) and make sure it’s dry before you use the liner. Color a circle around the rims and nailbed, finish by applying a topcoat and clean up with nailpolish remover or liquid desinfectant alcohol (works darn good I’ll tell you).


Always wanted a French manicure pen to help me make the perfect white stripe. The pen is fairly priced at 7,99 euro (10,86 USD/6,34 Pond sterling), which makes it something we are all able to buy. At the first use you have to shake it before using it. The applicator looks a bit like a crayon pencil, which the pen reminds me of. You have to push the pencil a few times, whereafter the white substance is activated. It looks and applies a bit like Tipp-Ex, you know the white stuff we used in highschool to cover up writing mistakes. Luckily it doesn’t smell that horrible.


I would definitely recommend this product. It applies easy and smoothly, doesn’t stink and dries very quickly. Thereby, removing the white polish is so simple, much more than some nailpolish that almost appear to have been glued to your nails. I do have a note to make: the pencil applies very easy with no counter-pressure, so you could easily slip. Painting one hand comes off well, but applying with your non-writing hand is much more difficult. I would suggest you ask a friend or so to help you with that. I could’ve needed a hand for sure.

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