Pick Your Favourite Outfit!


P1160092P1150964P1160239P1160293P1160402P1160423P1160438P1160479P1160524imageimageimageimageP1160596DSC_0191DSC_0307.NEFDSC_0377DSC_0425DSC_0470DSC_0582I gathered all of my Outfit Posts over these few months of blogging, and I want you to choose your favourite one! Yes, you will discover a huge difference in the quality of the pictures. The last few pictures are shot with a DSLR, the rest with a simple Samsung camera. I know HD pictures make such a difference, but today it’s not about photography but about the outfits. I need your help picking the one you like the most. Which one is your favourite? Of course I would like to know why you picked that one. Tomorrow there will be an all new OOTD up on my blog. For today I’ll stick to a recap of all the outfits I pulled.


11 thoughts on “Pick Your Favourite Outfit!

  1. All of them are amazing! Favs are the 1st, 5th, 8th, 14th and the last 🙂
    Also the long brown jacket in the 8th pic, where’s it from?! And if you’re not from the UK, do you know what kinda shows I can get it from?
    (Check out my blog and follow back xx)


    • No I’m not from the UK, from the Netherlands 😉 But the coat is from Zara, and it’s actually for sale. I’m selling, cause it is not my style, too chic for me ha ha. Thanks for the kind comment 🙂 Will drop by your blog, do you follow back? X


  2. Choosing my favorite outfit as soon as I start following your blog! Ha! 😀
    I loved your casual comfortable sense of style in general, but if I’m going to have to pick favorites, the translucent white top with laced collar and the glitter skirt was the one I liked best! 😀 close second was the floral overalls! 😀


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