Outfit: Statement Coat and Crop Tops


DSC_0563DSC_0546DSC_0540DSC_0571DSC_0582DSC_0566DSC_0569DSC_0557DSC_0580What a beautiful day it is! The sun is finally shining and the temperature is rising (Jean Paul’s Temperature is immediately popping up in my head). This all means I can finally wear my crop tops, skirts and dresses without freezing to death. And how much I consider myself a lover of fashion, I refuse to wear skirts and heels if I get goosebumps outside. Sorry but no sorry, if it’s too cold I’m wearing jeans, boots/sneakers and some cosy woolen sweater.

Me and my boyfriend (who is my photographer) discovered such a lovely place. I like colorful outdoor pictures for my blog, no minimalistic garage park or white walls for me. So when we found this beautifully painted graffitispot, it took our breath away. And our photoshoot spot was born! I’m so curious about what you think of my sale treasure I found at Zara, isn’t that yellow statement coat gorgeous?

Yellow Coat Zara | Jersey Skirt Costes |Crop Top Saucony | Heels Blink |


8 thoughts on “Outfit: Statement Coat and Crop Tops

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