And The Winner Of The Giveaway Is..


Congratulations Genesis B. from Alice Kiwi!! You are the winner and proud new owner of the Daryl van Wouw designer tartan scarf. Please make sure you get in touch with me within the next 48 hours. I send you an e-mail, so you can e-mail me back. Thank you everybody else who competed in this giveaway for the entries and follows. Much appreciated by me!

If you like, I made up my mind about who I want to nominate for the Fashionista Award. I picked 10 lovely WordPress bloggers I fancy and who I think deserve to be in the limelight. Take a look if you’re one of them!

This was it for today. I didn’t post as much as I would wanted to, but I was away for the weekend in a hotel with my boyfriend. We both had to compete in a 10k match. It didn’t turn out very well for my love, but it did for me. I ran a new personal best of 43.26 on a 10.000 meter 🙂 How was your weekend? As fun and sportive as mine?


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