Nomination: Fashionista Award


First I wanna thank Nessa from thatchicfashionblog for nominating me for this award. She invented this award especially for the WordPress community we’re in. It’s an award for fashion and beauty bloggers you love, and deserve some attention and recognition for the awesome job they’re doing. There are a few ‘minor’ rules you have to follow:

1) You get notified in a comment on one of you’re posts of you’re nomination. Great job! Why don’t you thank you’re nominator? 🙂

2) Now its time to spread the word of you’re achievement. Write a blog post containing an image of the award and answer the 10 questions about yourself that will be provided for you by your nominator. Its a way for the blogosphere to get to know you better:)

3) In you’re post, include a link back to the original post about the award (this page) and choose 10 people that YOU nominate to receive the next Fashionista award! (Any fashion related blog under 5000 followers)

4) This is like a chain of giving recognition to those who deserve it, so don’t be the one to break it! Inform you’re top 10 on their nomination and send them to this page 🙂 All nominees (including you) should post a comment on that post saying “I was nominated!”

5) Every month, a poll will be held on this post with the Top 5 bloggers. (chosen randomly from the comments) and YOU all get to vote which is you’re favorite! Blogger Nessa will update this poll on her blog.

1) What motivated you to start blogging?

Already read fashionblogs like The Blonde Salad, Style Scrapbook and AfterDRK, and always was really inspired by them. So I thought: why not give in to my own desire and start my blog? Was a bit insecure though if I was fabulous/stylish/beautiful enough to do this, but I figured you don’t have to be all of that. Style and fashion had nothing to do with the outside, style comes from within I believe.

2) Favorite movies?

The Notebook, Bridget Jones’ Diary and every movie with Julia Roberts, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington.

3) What is you’re dream career?

My dream career would be a job in fashion (like almost every blogger would want to). Being a celebrity stylist like Rachel Zoe is something I could only dream of.

4) Top wish list items at the moment?

Every last piece of Filles a Papa’s clothing collection and all of Sophia Webster’s heels.

5) Favorite television shows?

Guilty pleasure: trashy reality shows on MTV. Almost all of National Geograhic and Discovery Channel programs.

6) What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?

Zara, Maison Scotch, Asos, Bershka.

7) Favorite fashion designers?

Jeremy Scott, Sophia Webster, Isabel Marant.

8) Describe you’re dream vacation?

Hawaï, Bahamas, white beach, blue sea, diving, tanning, coconut cocktail, surfing, books, magazines, and my boyfriend. Enough to dream away?

9) What are the goals for you’re blog?

To make real (blogging) friends, to enhance my writing, photography and illustration skills, to hopefully make a living out of my two passions: fashion and writing (I’m a graduated journalist).

10) If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

Ha! Definitely Ellie Goulding! She is my style inspiration, and girlcrush 🙂

My top 10 WordPress bloggers:



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