Best Ways To Keep Your Clothes Preserved

DSC_0447Nothing is more frustrating than fading prints, white tees turning grey after a while and silk blouses with impairments after you washed them. Because I hate those things so much, I came up with a few tips & tricks I learned from my own mother and tips I gained by learning myself throughout the years.

Wash your clothes color by color. Pink and red go together, yellow not. Blue and black are fine, but don’t through white tees with it. My mother learned me that washing the same colors will preserve your apparel.

Turn your clothes inside out when you’re washing them. The zippers on pants and vests will cause impairments on the apparel. Of course make sure you zip them up.


It’s best to not wash woolen, silk and leather clothing in the washing machine. Yes you could bring them to the dry cleaner, but you also could choose the easier (and cheaper) way. Take a hot shower and dry clean your apparel while showering. The hot steam will purify smelly odours.

If you want to keep your denim preserved don’t wash them. Steam it or air out your jeans. If you like it freshly cleaned, make sure you never wash the jeans any warmer than 30 degrees Celsius. And never put them in the tumble dryer, just air it outside (out of the sun, otherwise the colour will fade).

Got a new denim jeans? Want to preserve the coloring of it? Wash it in cold water with vinegar.

Want to get rid of smelly odours? Put your apparel in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge. The cold will kill the bacteria that’s causing the odours.



7 thoughts on “Best Ways To Keep Your Clothes Preserved

  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog, you’ve included a lot of great tips in this post and the layout is gorgeous!
    Keep up the great work xx


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