Beauty Review: Benefit make-up box x Matthew Williamson


I bought this beautiful make-up box from Benefit Cosmetics due to its gorgeous disco inspired theme packaging. I’m a real sucker for beautiful packaging, It just looks great in my badroom. Thereby, this is a special edition box designed by Matthew Williamson, which we all know from his 2009 designer collection for H&M.

The back of the box (worth 30 euros) is accompanied by a little introducing message by Williamson himself. Plus the deets on what’s in this make-up box. Four beautiful sparkling eyeshades, one ‘they’re real’ mascara, one lipgloss and a blusher with mini-brush.

The inside of the box has a cute little mirror and a tips & tricks mag (like we know Benefit does). This mag is handy when it comes to applying the eyeshades step by step.


The eyeshades all have their own cool names like the gold ‘Disco Dust’ shade, the bronze ‘Solid Gold’, the soft white shimmer ‘Feel So Teal’ and the ocean green ‘Get Down Brown’ shade. The blusher is called ‘Gimme Fever’. If I read those names they instantly give me the need to put them on and go out to some oldskool roller disco.

Of course I applied the make-up on my own skin, and the gold shade really shimmers like crazy. The bronze one works great when you want to create depth and a nice contour. The soft white shimmer is amazing when applied on the inside of the eyes. This trick instantly lightens up your glance, thereby it enlargens your eyes. Oh another tip: don’t put concealer or foundation on your eyelids as a basecoat. By doing this your make-up could crease easily.

A lot of people are familiar with the Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara. It makes your lashes look like dolls eyes, but without looking fake. Luckily the scary pink lipgloss isn’t so scary anymore when applied onto your mouth. It is actually a really subtle soft pink shade with a nice disco gloss.

And.. The end result! What do you think? Pouth that mouth girls! Do you have this make-up box too? What are your experiences with it? Would you buy this box (again)?

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