Yeah I already published my third work-out video for Get Ready For Summer With W in Wonderland! Sorry a tat late cause of a busy schedule. Should’ve posted this already on Friday. With my new camera (Nikon D5100) producing HD Video’s is super easy. I even re-did my work-out video ‘Bootylicious’ from last week. Watch that video over here.

A new work-out: this time I focused on getting those fab abs, a strong back and a nice booty. It’s really easy, just look for a bench, railing or a low fence. Place your hands on the bench, a little apart. Make sure your back stays straight, feet about one meter from your hands (horizontal position). Lift your left leg behind you, don’t lift it too high, no higher than your back. Switch legs and repeat each one 10 times. Pause for 30 seconds. Do this work-out 5 times, for your abs, back, core and booty (:


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