Chocolate Quarkmousse In 5 Minutes!


Another food recipe for the Get Ready For Summer With W in Wonderland- serie (: I really wanted to make a worry-free desert, without it having to take ages to make. Thereby, I didn’t want to use whipped cream, butter, eggs or mascarpone.

This recipe will be ready in 5 minutes. If you want mousse with a thicker texture it will take about 20 minutes or so. Here’s the way to go:

What do you need for two persons:

  • Two bowls (small one and bigger one);
  • Icecubes
  • Whisk
  • 100 gr of pure chocolate (70% or more);
  • Two spoons of skinny quark;
  • Mixture of forest fruits

How to:

  • Fill the bigger bowl with some water and a couple of icecubes.
  • Fill the small bowl with a bit of water and the chocolate bars. Melt them whilst stiring the chocolate.
  • After that, place the small bowl on top of the bigger bowl with the icecubes in it. Make sure the bottom of the small bowl slightly touches the icecold water of the bigger bowl.
  • Use a whisk to stir the chocolate and the quark until it becomes a thick mousse.
  • Put the mousse layer for layer into little glasses, place the forest fruits between each layers. You can sweeten the mousse by adding some Stevia extract (natural sweetener). The last thing to do is to put the glasses into the fridge (15 minutes).





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